This is it.

This post first appeared on Igloo‘s blog.


This is it.

This is what matters.

It matters.

The experience of a product.

The way you experience it.

The way you experience the product.

How it makes someone feel.

How it makes your friends feel.

How it makes you feel.

How it makes anyone feel.

When you start by imagining

What that might be like,

What might it be like?

You take a step back.

A long step back.

You step back.

You think.


You ask yourself.

Who will this help?


Who will it help?

Can it help?

Can you help?


Will it make life better?

Will it better my life?

Will it make my life more worthwhile?

What is life?

What is life and why is life?

The power of life.

The beauty of life.

Life is powerful and beautiful.

You share your life with friends.

You share your products with friends.

Friendship is at the heart of the product.

Friendship is the product.

The product is friendship and the product.

And the product is life.


Does this deserve to exist?

Do I deserve to have this product?

Do I deserve the beauty and power of this product?

Is anything deserved?

Do I deserve to be here?

Who am I?

Make something.

Make everything.

Stop making everything.

If you are busy making everything,

How can you perfect anything?


This is it.

This is perfection.

We are perfect.

We don’t believe in coincidence.

We don’t believe in incidence.

We don’t believe in diligence.

Or dumb luck.

There are a thousand “no’s”

For every “yes.”

A thousand “maybes”

For every “perhaps.”

A thousand “ohs”

For every “ah.”

A million dreams

For every disappointment.

A billion hopes

For every hope.

We spend a lot of time

On a few great things.

And a lot of money

On a few great things.

And a lot of time

On a few great things.

And a lot of time

On a few great things.

Until every idea we touch

Enhances each life it touches.

Each touch

Gives life.

We’re engineers and artists.

Craftsmen and inventors.

Milkmaids and philosophers.


Getaway drivers.


This is copywriting.

This is long copywriting.

This is long candied copywriting.

Read by you.

But more importantly,

Created by us.

Artists of the written word.

And the word is everything.

It’s everything.

And every thing.

All things.

And everything else.

Designed to affect you.

Are you affected yet?

Are you affected?

It’s simple.


Bigger than anything.

Bigger than a Macintosh XL.

Or a guitar.

Or a horse.

We sign our work.

You may rarely look at it.

Smell it.

Hear it.

But you’ll always feel it.

On your skin.

In your mind.

With your heart.

On your iPad.

This is our signature.

And it means everything.

And it means nothing.

Designed by Apple in California



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