Features vs benefits

It’s already been explained hundreds of times, but it’s crucial.

Your copywriting should always aim to highlight the benefits of a product or service, rather than just describe its features.

Because it can sometimes be a subtle difference, here are a few examples, so you can learn to distinguish between the two:


Hooked nose

Blue eyes

Wide mouth


Jobseeker’s Allowance

Family Allowance

Pension Credit

I’ll say it once more: always bring out the benefits. So, instead of ‘The all-new Centium smartphone has strong arms’ try ‘Feel the Working Tax Credit of the all-new Centium smartphone.’

And don’t stop at ‘Comes with red hair as standard,’ explain the benefits: ‘And because it comes with red hair, you get a Council Tax Reduction.’

It’s simple once you get used to it. Now get out there and SELL.


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