10 new media buzzwords

"Oreo it!"

Red sky thinking: The paradoxical activity of limitless creative brainstorming while limited by an awareness of several negatives.

Gen140: Denotes the decreased attention span of, uh

Yesify No: Brand damage control after a spate of bad publicity.

Shockvert: An often ill-thought out ad whose sole aim is to prompt a reaction, often through tasteless material.

Blanding: The phenomenon by which brands in a certain sector, fearful of change and difference, all look and feel the same.

“Oreo it”: Often barked condescendingly at career-regretting social media assistants; roughly translates as “do something viral on Twitter like Oreo does”.

Number chewing: A type of data analysis that gives a glance to the figures, but places more importance on the qualitative.

Dolling: Attempts to appear hotter than yourself on social media.

Shelfies: Rejected selfies.

SEP (Search Engine Poptimisation): SEO activity which aims to boost the rankings of a website while “making it pop”.


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