How to make a cup of tea in management speak

At the first window of opportunity, get the ball rolling by assessing the doability and key competencies of the task across multiple platforms.

Action the kettle.

From above-board, deploy the mug and teabag. Giving it 110%, impact the mug with the teabag for maximum connectivity.

Leverage the liquid asset.

Take it to the next level by empowering the water’s ecosystem with the teabag’s core values. Give it three to four minutes to gain traction and populate.

Synergise all the elements to create a full service solution. Drill down into the fridge and, utilising a holistic approach, add milk. Incentivise with sugar, though this is not mission-critical.

At critical mass, bring it to the table, and enjoy the deliverable.

Before end of play, touch base, and develop future strategies going forward. Is the method scalable, for when delivering the goods to an interfacing group?

Once drunk, sunset the project.



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